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  1. Flashizz Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 12, 2015
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    Epsilon Helper
    In Game Name
    Real Name (First Name)


    I'm currently 13 years old (14 by the end of the summer).
    Location or Time Zone

    UTC+01:00 (Stockholm, Sweden).
    Staff Position You’re Applying For

    Do you have Discord and/or Skype?

    Yes, my Skype is flashizz1000 and my Discord is Flashizz#3451. (I don't use Skype often these days.)
    If yes, do you have a working microphone?

    Yes, of course.
    How many days a week can you actively play on the server?

    I'm aiming for around 4 days per week, but it could be more or less depending on school, family etc. (Because summer break is coming up, I'll have more time then.)
    How long have you been playing Epsilon?

    Since the Minutes Played timer has reset a few times, I'm not 100% sure, but somewhere around 4 years being active in playing and in the community.
    Are you a donator? If so, what donator rank are you?

    Yes, I'm currently Infused rank.
    What can you do for the server?

    Because I've been playing Epsilon for a very long time, I do really know the server and how it works. This means I can help with small things such as simple questions to more advanced things as helping the higher staff members with organizing things, such as community polls, announcements etc. I have always been that guy who loves to help people, and would love to help Epsilon grow more and be a good place to be in! Always with a nice and gentle tone.

    My goal with this is to make players feel safe online and enjoy their stay at Epsilon. If I can't achieve this, it means I haven't been working hard enough, and then I'll work even harder. For me, Epsilon is an extremely important thing in my life, with everything from playing and enjoying it to all the nice players I get the chance to meet every day. I want to contribute with everything I got to make the server a place worth to play, and hope to be a good addition to the staff team.
    Why should you be picked over others?

    Since I have more than four years of experience, I know the server (and the Forum) really good. Plus, for being 13 years old, I have experience of many different things, such as how to handle different situations, how to deal with rule-breakers, help players with different questions and much more. Plus, if you ever need any help with revamping the website, announcements and more, just hit me up. I'll answer as quick as possible. If it would be something I don't know or how to do, I'll figure it out somehow, don't worry. Shortly stated, I'm a fast and creative learner.

    There's also (apparently) a huge number of players that believe I'm a friendly player who really likes to help. And the last thing there, it's really true. I'm often very satisfied with helping others and making them happy in some way. :)
    Staff Experience

    I don't have any official in-game experience, but I've been helping lots of friends and others as Moderators and such on different Discord Servers. I know this is not what you're looking for, but there's actually some similarities between the two. Other than that, I've only been helping people overall in-game with questions and such.
    Anything we should know?

    Because I'm in seventh (soon eighth grade) grade, I receive a good amount of homework every week and has tests at least every month, which means a lot of my free time goes to school. If I get any personal issues, family things etc. I will make sure to let you know about it, but nothing on the radar.
    Do you understand that asking staff to read your application will result in it being instantly denied?

    Yes, I am aware of that.

    Thank you for reading my application for Helper. I would love if y'all could leave some feedback in the comments.​
    Kindest Regards,
  2. Qgamers Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 5, 2016
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    Epsilon Staff
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