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    Apr 8, 2018
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    In Game Name*

    Real Name (First Name)
    Kevin (i prefer to be called Akamaru: "Aka" or "Maru" for short)


    Location or Time Zone*
    Eastern Standard (New Jersey USA)

    Staff Position You’re Applying For*

    Do you have Discord and/or Skype?*

    If yes, do you have a working microphone?*

    How many days a week can you actively play on the server?*
    minimum 3, my work schedule changes each week, but i do not work Fridays and i am off of work at 1 pm (eastern standard) during the weekend. I am able to log on every day for at least an hour though.

    How long have you been playing Epsilon?*
    Not sure but maybe started like two weeks ago

    Are you a donator? If so, what donator rank are you?*
    Didn't donate, but i got Forbidden rank from the shards

    What can you do for the server?*
    I will be able to assist with any issues that arise, and i can build if i have to. Most of my time playing minecraft has been on prison servers

    Why should you be picked over others?*
    I dont see any true reasons why i should be chosen over others, but i believe that i would be a great choice because i have a good knowledge of prison servers and how things work within them.

    Staff Experience*
    Builder on one server
    Administrator on one server
    Unofficial administrator on one server

    Anything we should know?*
    I am very focused on the tasks at hand and i am good at critical thinking/problem solving
    (not sure that this matters but i am good irl friends with a senior mod on mineplex)

    Do you understand that asking staff to read your application will result in it being instantly denied?*
    Yes, I understand that asking staff to read my application will result in my application being instantly denied

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